A proof of work blockchain built on the Substrate blockchain framework.

About Kulupu

Kulupu is a sister project related to Solri. Kulupu’s goal is to create a working proof-of-work blockchain built using unmodified Substrate blockchain framework. Compared with Solri, Kulupu aims to take a more practical approach of an on-chain governed self-updating blockchain, while Solri maintains the ideal minimalist blockchain design.

The consensus engine for Kulupu is the CPU mining algorithm RandomX. For initial launch, the emission rate is fixed at one coin per second. This, however can be changed using hard fork or on-chain governance in the future.


  1. Reference Implementation

    Github Repository for the Rust Implementation

    Our mainnet has launched!

  2. Network Status

    Polkadot Telemetry for Kulupu

    This shows network status, using nodes that voluntarily participate in telemetry on the Kulupu network.

  3. Community

    The Matrix Chatroom

    Follow the latest news of Kulupu and discussions. We also have a Discord server.