Do your own research

This article is of things that you should be aware of before making an investment decision on Kulupu.

Everything noted here can also be found in various places including Kulupu discussion channels, official READMEs and other docs, etc. We document them again in this DYOR article to further reduce the chance that investors blindly invest in Kulupu.

A side note on this article is that it only documents the mostly negative aspects of Kulupu. You can find postive aspects of Kulupu in other technical documentations.

  • Kulupu is a cryptocurrency without a roadmap. Developers behind Kulupu explicitly do not release any roadmap to avoid promising things it may not manage to implement.
  • Kulupu has a high yearly inflation rate right now. As a blockchain without any pre-mine, high inflation in the first several years are unavoidable. Currently, we're in the second year since the Kulupu launch, and the yearly inflation is 50%.
  • Kulupu does not have full-time developers. Kulupu started as a side project of Wei Tang. Since launch, it has been maintained and developed by volunteers. With no budget or investment for the core team, no developers work on Kulupu full-time.